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IMPORTANT INFOMATION: All orders placed between December 30th and January 4th will be shipped out on January 5th. These orders will be sent priority mail but charged only for the flat-rate pricing.


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Submit your t-shirt designs to us. If we use your design, we will give you a $100 gift certificate to our website and two copies of the shirt you designed. And, just for submitting an idea, we’ll put you in a monthly drawing for a free t-shirt. We know it’s not much. But, we’re a socially conscious start-up that really does want to change the way the world does business. And, we want you to be a part of it. If we make it big, trust that we’ll make submitting designs even more worth it.

General rules for submission:

  1. Submit your own original ideas. Don’t “borrow” from other t-shirt companies.
  2. If more than one person submits the same or similar design, the 1st person to make the submission will earn the prize.
  3. Nothing profane or offensive. We’re not that kind of t-shirt company. We’re “socially conscious” after all.
  4. Don’t resubmit the same design again or the same design but slightly different, i.e. in a different color.
  5. Submissions will be accepted in jpeg and psd formats only.
  6. The t-shirt design must be within a 16 x 16 inch area.
  7. The t-shirt design must not extend over seems. Designs must have 5 or less colors.
  8. Don’t email us to see if we like your design. If your design is chosen, we’ll let you know.
  9. We will keep your image in the running for 120 days. Until then, hold off from submitting this idea somewhere else.

How to submit:
  1. Produce you design in a high-res file. Save it both in a high-res format and in a low-res format.
  2. Separating colors on different layers is helpful.
  3. Email us a copy of the low-res format (175 kb or less) of the image to We accept jpeg and psd files.
  4. Feel free to include notes in the email about the design and/or why you think it’s great.
  5. Keep the high-res version handy. If we select your design, we will contact you and ask for the original high-res version.

The all important Legalese:
If you are submitting a t-shirt you MUST READ AND AGREE with the OFF YOUR BACK SHIRTS, LLC T-shirt Submission Agreement and Policy. When submitting the t-shirt design include the Agreement text in the email your full legal name and the date you are submitting it, saying, "I understand and agree to abide by the OFF YOUR BACK SHIRTS, LLC T-shirt Submission Agreement and Policy." Failure to specifically saying you understand and agree to the Agreement will disqualify your t-shirt design submission.

Off Your Back Shirts video clips

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